IT Services

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology Infrastructure Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Improvement/Change management
  • Quality/Information Security Initiatives
  • Resource/Equipment Forecasting
  • Interface Creation/Maintenance
  • Apple Systems Proficient
  • Project Design/Management
  • Budget Planning/Administration
  • Policy/Procedure Creation
  • Customer Support/Client Relations
  • Customized messaging/Special Requirements
  • Trouble Shooting/Problem Resolution

At ENCORE, WE ARE EXPERTS in identifying and implementing innovative technology solutions to resolve challenges and automate processes, which reduces headcount, streamlines procedures, increases efficiencies, and addresses organizational growth.

Future-focused, solutions-oriented TECHNOLOGY with a demonstrated track record of effectively leveraging innovative technology and automating processes which exceed business requirements, improve efficiencies, decrease costs, ensure security of information, and enhance customer service. Strong business acumen complements expertise in systems migration, user and desktop support, infrastructure standardization, software architecture, and systems programming. Reputation for establishing long-term technology plans that meet operational objectives. Additionally, Encore has held Top Secret Security Clearance while working on government projects.

Thirteen years of HL7 expertise, which encompasses set up and maintenance of more than 35 interfaces to various hospitals and imaging and data centers, including ADT, SEH, SCH, ORU, MDM, and customized messages for special requirements. We will effectively communicate and negotiate with a demonstrated ability to unite disparate groups toward common business goals. Encore staff possess exceptional troubleshooting and problem-resolution acumen, with the Innate ability to explain complex information in an easily understood manner.


We are here to raise the standard of your company’s efficiency and security, one relationship at a time.

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