About Us

I would like to introduce to you, Encore Professional Medical Services. We are a full-service electronic documentation company, serving our clients in the arenas of IT support, medical transcription, and resources for billing/collections; with a primary focus of medical transcription/technology.

At Encore we have over 90 years combined industry experience and are proud of our brand promise (expert delivery of accurate documents in 2-4 hours or less-guaranteed) with a true passion to serve our physicians and exceed their expectations. Encore provides our clients use of leading technology, ability to dictate, review and e-sign patient reports via their smart phones with compatibility to all EMRs/EHRs. We guarantee a 15-minute response time to any phone call, text or email, and do believe SUPERIOR SERVICE can be cost effective.

We are currently accepting new clients and expanding into your area. We look forward to serving your medical facility with excellence.  

  • CALL US TODAY AT 800.518.TYPE (8973)
  • Email:ginger@encoreok.com

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